The Truth About J1NX

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The Truth About J1NX

Post by J1NX on Thu 05 Nov 2009, 10:55 am

I was inspired yesterday while speaking with Hawk about J1NX. Let me share.

H: Have you heard about the post apocalyptic disney game that is being made?
H: OMG I know about a game Mike the almighty doesn't!?!
J: ....hey now, Mike is human and capable of faults. J1NX is a digital god with no limit to his power that Mike captured inside his black framed the glasses are back on...mortal.

I think I am actually going to tell the story of how J1NX came to be in my glasses and how I gained with it his immortal power. I will post it in the J1NX Lore section as I get it done.

Also...epic mickey.


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