The Harbinger of Doom arrives Sunday......

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The Harbinger of Doom arrives Sunday......

Post by Guest on Fri 21 Mar 2008, 5:40 pm

It silently stalks around, looking all cute and innocent.
Its bright brown eyes slowly turning blood red as it's time draws near.
It leers around bushes stalking it's prey.
Enticing the young innocents with prizes and sweets.
It loves to play these games,
every year it draws in the youngest of it victims.
Forever drawing them into servitude.
Still to this day the parents who were enslaved to this beast
dress the new young victims in the clothes of sacrifice.

Not me...
I have broken free of its bonds of servitude.
I shall dress in the clothing of sacrifice for one year more.
Not to serve this beast, but to slay it.
I will stand in wait.
I have chosen my weapons.
Only time will tell if I succeed.
The great King Arthur slew its predecessor ages ago.
Should I succeed as he did, I will rise to power in the pages of history.

This Sunday, we will dance our last dance...
I wait for you Easter Bunny...
Sunday we will see who is the victor.....

So....What are your plans...

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Re: The Harbinger of Doom arrives Sunday......

Post by J1NX on Sat 22 Mar 2008, 1:29 am


That is epic!

You fawk up that bunny man, you teach his ass a lesson!


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Re: The Harbinger of Doom arrives Sunday......

Post by Alcatraz on Thu 31 Jul 2008, 5:08 pm

So, there was no follow up on the bunny, you murder him? put his head on a pike, pull out his liver, and drain his fluids?
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