An excerpt from the journal of Emerius Krayvan

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An excerpt from the journal of Emerius Krayvan

Post by Darth_Kitsune on Fri 04 Nov 2011, 8:19 pm

The days have grown longer and the men restless as we hunt this wretched beast. I can smell his four odor and we are nearing his putrid lair. It has been a fortnight since we have left the gates of Nighthaven and I hope the rumors of war are baseless.

The next couple of pages are torn and illegible..
The last page with text on it that can be read is covered in blood...

I sent the recruits back to town with the friar. I hope the letter to the Queen finds it's way to her hands quickly and we can hold out till reinforcements make it here just as swift. This beast we have encountered is not of this world. It breaths out an awful debilitating yellow gas. Three of my men, good men, were stricken with a putrid disease and died a slow painful death hours after inhaling the gas. May the Lord make my sword arm strong and its blade sharp as we make our final stand this evening.

Christi crux est mea lux. Amen.
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