J1NX-CON 2012

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J1NX-CON 2012

Post by J1NX on Wed 16 Nov 2011, 10:16 am


03-09-12 ~ 03-11-12

So Cami and I talked it over and we want to host a LAN Party at our place! I want to start getting things ready for it early this year so that everyone can make it. We've got plenty of tables and chairs and by then I should hopefully have the network drops installed and working in all rooms. I'm also taking game suggestions at the moment, but what I'm thinking we should do is something like Warcraft 3 and Left 4 Dead after Logan is in bed.

As always bring your own rig and cabling. I always have some stuff laying around, but not enough to supply cables to everyone. Also arrive early so that we can be sure to get your computer configured correctly to share my network.

For food we have a couple of options. We could go with the chick-fil-a trays again, we could do a standard dollar menu binge, or Cami suggested that if we all throw in about $10 a piece she can make real home cooked food and feed us the whole weekend.

Either way I intend on buying a case of Bawls for the party and will have Nexus Prime prepared to share all of the wonders of his file storage.

Let me know if you are in and if you have a game suggestion or preference. Spread the word to our users that don't log in often and if you know someone that may want to be involved let me know.



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