A First for Our Website

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A First for Our Website

Post by J1NX on Fri 25 Jul 2008, 1:33 pm

I am doing some updating to the site and one of the things I was inspired to do was to add a new Poll system that will end in a battle royale.

The first ever Gamerboards.com No Holds Barred Deathmatch!

I posted a sample of what you should expect on the Portal today and you can vote at your leisure. More will come over the weekend.

Thanks alot to all of you the posters and to my Moderators. Without you it would be impossible to run this place effectively.

On a down note though we had to say goodbye to the marvelous 0pp0sition today. He has decided to follow a carrier beacon into the sun and will forever live out his days far away from those of us on the board. Some day he may be able to get around the Solar Flares long enough to send us a post or two.

Live well friend.


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