The Don't List

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The Don't List

Post by J1NX on Thu 31 Jul 2008, 9:25 am



I will go more into two main kinds of godmodding later, but basically itís this: Donít be God. You canít do anything and everything. There are areas where your character is strong, and other areas where he/she/it is weak. DONíT have a character without weaknesses (physical, mental, emotional) that can be exploited. Donít make an all-powerful character; it really kills the RP if no one can possibly beat you.


Double posting is a distraction and a waste of space, simple as that. If you make a mistake, just delete the extra post, easy.


This includes conflicting with yourself AND others. The first part is simple, donít do something or act one way in one post, then do the polar opposite in the next. (There are certain situations that this doesnít apply to, but for the most part, DONíT DO IT!) The second part is simple also. If someone writes something that doesnít break any rules, donít disregard it or defy it. Most of the time this is done on accident and can be prevented by refreshing the page before you post in case someone has done something while you were typing.


Donít make someone else do something, simple. This includes, moving, behaving, talking, attacking and (really important) dying. You donít have any power over anyoneís character but your own, donít act like it. You canít hurt someone without his or her permission (auto-hitting) or affect anything that belongs to them. This isnít necessarily a rule, but itís good advice to follow. Most people donít like it when others take liberties with their characters. This is sometimes called leaving a statement ďopenĒ. When a statement is open, it lets the other person choose the way they react. (This is covered more in the auto-hitting and no-selling sections below.)


Really easy to understand. Short posts add nothing and shouldnít be in an RP. Thereís no real minimum of words, but as a general rule, stay over 3 lines. If you donít know what to do, add details or dialogue. Maybe write what your character is thinking. It helps the story along, makes it more interesting, and avoids pages upon pages of small, meaningless posts. Donít just write one line of dialogue and nothing else, even if youíre talking with someone and donít want to write an answer for them, you can always add something else to your post other than just speech.


If you canít be there for a while, tell someone or make an excuse in character. If you want to leave, make your character leave, donít just leave him there not responding. If you want to end the RP, close it up in character, donít just leave it standing. This all goes double, hell, quad-triple if itís YOUR RP since youíre the one who is most likely leading the action.


Don't edit your character in the middle of an RP. Changing your strengths and weaknesses (or just as bad, your history) as you go so you can deal with whatever is happening at the time is unfair. Not only that, but it defeats the purpose of what you are (or should be) trying to do. The fun of the RP is dealing with conflicts in unique and interesting ways and creating a story. Just changing what your character can do gets rid of any effort and requires no thought at all. And even if you don't care about how the story is for you, it ruins it for everyone else. Changing your strengths so you can do anything or changing your weaknesses so nothing can hurt you basically get into Godmodding, which is covered below.


There are really (in my eyes) two kinds of godmodding. Auto-hitting and No-Selling. Hereís information I copied (from people who copied it from somewhere else) about them.

Autohits are BAD

You know what I'm talking about here. Hitting a person without giving them a chance to respond. Let's take Bob and George. George is your character and he's fighting Bob. George is prone to autohits. Here are some of his actions during his latest fight.

George kicks Bob's sword out of his hand, then swings, cutting off his foot.

George slams an energy bolt point blank into Bob's stomach.

George swings around, hitting Bob in the solar plexus and throwing him across the bar.

George snaps his whip along Bob's eyes, blinding him.

George jump kicks Bob, snapping his head back.

George uses his AMAZING CHI POWERS to burn Bob into a pile of ashes.

These actions are wrong for obvious reasons, and if George even thought of using the last one ANYWHERE, he should have someone come over and put his genitals in one paper shredder and I MEAN IT, GEORGE YOU STUPID BASTARD! Now...let's do these actions a little bit better ...without that stupid bastard George autohitting.

George uses his dagger to slash along Bob's sword hand, while the other takes a lower arcing loop, aimed at his foot.

George places his hand fractions of an inch from Bob's stomach and charges up an energy bolt.

George swings around, aiming a backhand into Bob's solar plexus.

George snaps his whip in front of Bob's face, the tip missing his eyes by only a centimeter.

George aims a rather beautiful jumpkick at Bob's head that, if landed, would make Bruce Lee proud. (and if Bob is in a sardonic mood, he can respond with "Bob dodges as George disgraces Bruce Lee's memory."

George uses his AMAZING CHI POWERS to run like hell away from Bob who is going to kick his stupid ass.

Now keep in mind actions like, say, grabbing Bob, pushing Bob back, or tackling Bob as both of you roll on the ground may be considered autohits if abused too much, but so far, there are no probs with that from what I've seen. But if in doubt...don't do it.

No-selling is BAD

The polar opposite of auto-hitting is the lesser topic of no-selling. Basically, it's deflecting or blocking every single move your opponent makes while you smile evilly and mock the person or something. It didn't work for Goldberg, it didn't work for The Undertaker, and it sure as hell doesn't look good on you. Let's put this in simple words. You are not Goldberg. You are not the Undertaker. You must take blows if you wish to dish them out. It looks significantly worse if you are a newb character who's no-selling against a character such as...say...McClaud. G-Crusher and Necrobile, in the cases when they have fought, suffer about two or three minor wounds in a fight ranging from say a stab wound to a broken rib. That doesn't mean they're bad fighters. It means they're fair ones. Well...okay, maybe Necrobile's not totally FAIR, know what I mean.

Above all and foremost, as in with every aspect of role playing, use your Goddamn head.

Know your limits, respect others, play your character, work out gaps and problems in a civilized manner in messaging before-hand. Simple as that.

Acronym Key

RP Ė Rping - RolePlaying: Playing a different role/simulation.

OOC - OutofCharacter: Things that are not said by the character but instead by yourself.

IC Ė In Character: Things that are said or done by your character.

NPC - Non-player Character: A character created by a user in an RPG other than their main one. Control over this character may vary.

This next little bit is something I found concerning human characters. I though it was interesting so Iím including it.

Now believe it or not, playing a simple "human" is NOT boring. That is a MAJOR misconception that many role-players seem to have. Why? Because humans are honestly what the role-play world needs more of, in my opinion. There are so many different "non-human" characters out there, that it's almost as if humans do not even exist. One reason is because with all the different powers that non-human characters have, most are afraid to play a simple human character, in fear of never being able to stand against other beings that are so powerful. I think it takes someone brave and intelligent, to play a simple human character. Not only is it harder to play, because so many other beings have all these powerful abilities, but being able to keep your character alive in this vast fantasy world of powerful creatures, is an accomplishment of its own. And take it from me, it's not as hard to keep a human character alive as most would think.

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