Miscellaneous Rules

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Miscellaneous Rules

Post by J1NX on Thu 31 Jul 2008, 9:26 am

NPCS: These characters are fair game unless posted otherwise in the opening of the Rpg (or whenever they are created). But as a rule, make it interesting. If you're in an Rpg with Superman as a NPC character, donít kill him in one post. Stretch it out, just cause heís NPC doesnít mean heís lost his powers and abilities. The purpose of an Rpg is to create an interesting story, not to effortlessly blow through any obstacle, and this carries over to NPCs.

WEAKNESSES: Your character needs to have some sort of believable "weakness". It doesn't have to be something like Kryptonite, yellow, or fire (though if you want to or it fits your character, that's fine), but you do need to have weaknesses. If you want to put Normal thatís fine as long as you stick by that and actually take damage like a "normal" person. Being without weaknesses is an easy way to start no-selling. Things like, Alcohol, Women, Attention Span, are not weakness.

OPEN/CLOSED THREADS: This is something new that I think would help with the problem of who should and shouldn't be in a a thread. For threads anyone can join, write "Open" after the thread title. For threads where only specific people are allowed in (and they already know who they are) the thread creator should write in "Closed" after the thread title. That means no one but those specified are allowed in the thread. People can ask to get into the RPG in the OOC thread and there should also be a list of who's allowed in, in that thread. If you post in a thread that is closed and you weren't invited to, your name can be sent to a mod and some kind of action may be taken. Lists should not be like "Everyone but so-and-so". The purpose is not to exclude certain people all the time. Basically, donít post in anyone's RPG unless given permission first. Yes, CV is open to everyone, but if someone does not want you to join for whatever reason you should respect that.

And remember, if someone is a problem bring that to a mod's attention.

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