A word from a respected roleplayer

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A word from a respected roleplayer

Post by J1NX on Thu 31 Jul 2008, 9:27 am

I see a lot of newcomers lately eager to participate in Rpgs. I think this is great, it can only add to the experience of Rpging on the Vine. Now with the creation of an Official Training Thread, I figured I would write down and post some of my thoughts.

ē Describe your Powers: Donít be afraid to mention your powers in your posts. This will always help translate what exactly your doing to your opponent and or reader. For example, if your opponent unleashes several attacks in one post. If your character has Superspeed, donít feel guilty about dodging ALL of thee attacks. But remember to describe it in your post. Such As:

Sabretooth unleashed a series of right left combinations at Gambler

Using his Superhuman Speed and Reflexes, Gambler was just barely able to duck and backflip away from Sabretooth.

Of course it doesnít have to be worded as such but you get the idea. If you simply dodge an attack without much detail as to how it leaves a bad taste in your opponents mouth. This also applies to attacks. If you fire an energy blast at your opponent, you may want to elaborate on the size, shape, and speed. But donít get greedy or silly. If you say something like,

Gambler launched several kinetically charged cards at Sabretooth. They traveled at 10 times the speed of light with enough energy to blow up the sun.

Thatís another form of God-Moding. This isnít Dragon Ball Z. But something like this is totally acceptable,

Gambler launched several kinetically charged cards at Sabretooth. They traveled with breath taking speed and accuracy.

It puts a lil something on it, but nothing over the top.

RESPECT: Weíre all human, we all have egos and donít want our characters looking like b!#$%es. Give your opponent or there attack some dap (some respect) something like,

Gambler had dodged Sabretoothís vicious onslaught. He couldnít help but admire the evil within his enemy.


Gambler was caught with a right hook. The force of which knocked him end over end. It had been sometime since he faced such a powerful foe

This doesnít mean you have to kiss there ass, but donít feel like you cant show them some respect either. Trust me, its worth it. Not only will it make the Rpg less competitive, but it will add to the over all story. Even if itís a simple One on One battle thereís still a story there.

THE LITTLE THINGS: What I mean by the little things is the subtle words that help bring your characters personality across to the reader. Say your character is a good guy and you want to give off that Captain America type feel. Adding things like,

Cluth stood tall and statuesque. He had a certain level of confidence about him.

Of course Iím no wordsmith and everyone will have there own words they will use. The point is not to forget to flesh out your characters personality.

I would also like to say (and I say it alot) its not about who wins and who loses, its about the story. This doesnít mean your not giving your all but remember to make it enjoyable as well. Thatís why fights where two people or teams have been talkin $#@! leading up to the fight usually donít end well. Thereís already a level of hostility before youíve even started. No one wants to appear weak or like there backing down, so neither one gives an inch and it turns ugly. Some people are mature enough to take the trash talking for what it is, in character banter, some arenít. Also, nobody likes a sore WINNER. Rpg fights are based on an honor system so to speak. You CANT win any fight unless the other person basically lets you. There may be several reasons why they did,

They had to go and didnít want to hold the fight up.

There a Veteran on the Vine and there doing you a solid. They liked they way you conducted yourself and as a sign of respect, gave you the victory.

They felt you out wrote them. They had maybe two good posts, while you where on fire through the whole fight.

There are many reasons why someone lets you win. But the important thing to remember is, be gracious. Donít go running around, ďI beat Gambler, I kicked his ass. I curbstomped Darkchild yeah!Ē Show some class and act like youíve won something before. Of course if your friends with the person and know what you can and cant say thatís a different story. Everyone can appreciate a little trash talking now and then.

Well I hope this in some way shape or form helps you along the way. Peace

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