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The Do List

Post by J1NX on Thu 31 Jul 2008, 9:28 am



Incorrect spelling is annoying and can really ruin the flow of the RP. Run your post through spell check or just copy/paste it into Microsoft Word. Itís not hard to fix bad spelling. This also means using proper punctuation and quotes to show speech. Occasional mistakes are ok, but if it makes reading or understanding your post difficult, then thereís a problem. God I hope I didnít spell anything wrong in this.


You might think it's incredibly original and unique to have a character who happens to be skilled with every weapon known to man kind and is a fallen angel seeking vengeance, etc, etc. Or an orphan who seeks revenge because his parents were murdered. Or someone who lived on the streets and soon became the toughest street fighter/gang leader who can beat anyone. ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE BAD. If you can do something like this in a TOTALLY new and unique way, go for it, but 9 times out of 10, it just winds up being a played out, done to death character, so donít even try. Using other characters as a base or starting point is not a bad idea, but develop your new character into something no one has ever seen or heard of before.


This will nearly always help you improve your role-playing skills. Just say exactly what you imagine in your mind about your character and or the things around the other players. Just like drawing a picture of a person, a stick figure does not always look good. Just say everything you imagine, and then you can paint the same picture for others to see, that is good role-playing. Role-playing has two main parts to it: Speech and Action. (Sometimes you need to describe a third part, Emotion, but usually you only need to do that once and your following posts stay in the same mood, if they donít however, describe it again. And even if your characterís emotions remain the same, itís still good to continually express it through either Action or Speech.) In your description, be as detailed as you can in both areas, this is especially true when you write your first post (intro) in a thread. And yes, you must have both in every post (unless youíre a mime). This also comes into play when you talk about things like spells. Naming the spell is not enough; not everyone knows what youíre talking about, so describe what the spell does.


This means work with what the other people say. As long as theyíre not breaking the rules, go with what they say. Play a long, go with the flow, roll with the punches, whatever you want to call it, itís the same. Agree with them. I donít mean let someone else control/run your character, I just mean work together to build the story and keep it moving.


This means donít speak in first person. Simple. Say ďheĒ instead of ďIĒ. The person reading your post isnít the one doing the action, so when they read what you wrote, it shouldnít seem like it. Read this out loud: I kicked the box. Who kicked the box? You did. This is what I (talking about me now, the author, keep up) mean. Also, speak in the past tense. This isn't really a strict rule but it helps. First of all, it's better to have everyone writing in the same tense, just for basic the basic flow of the thing. And why past tense instead of present tense? Because being part of an RPG means you're basically writing a story, and stories are (for the most part) written in past tense. It's just common practice.


Any rules that the creator (of the RP, duh) says, follow them. And donít act in a way that doesnít fit the general world/tone/atmosphere/mood of the thread. This includes things like not pulling out a laser in a medieval themed RP, not cursing or describing ďadultĒ situations if there is no reason to (or are asked not to), and generally playing in a way that helps maintain the world of the RP.


Keep OOC posts to a minimum and never post spam. This is just for cleanliness and order. If you can, PM someone if you need to talk to them and donít have OOC fights.

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