Dear author, who thought these were good ideas for Bullseye,

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Dear author, who thought these were good ideas for Bullseye,

Post by cArdInAl on Fri 31 Oct 2008, 1:51 pm

I think that it was a completely stupid idea to add Adamantium strips to Bullseye's spine. Yes, I do see where you were going with this: "Let's try to make this guy able to take some major hits." The problem that you lack vision on is the fact that Adamantium is POISONOUS... fast acting at that as shown in the issue of X-men where the High Evolutionary stripped all mutants on earth of the powers and our favorite slashin' dude that "is the best at what he does," was dying (yes, I am aware that Wolverine has a larger quantity than Bullseye). In short, if it wasn't for the extensive bleeding Wolverine would endure without his healing factor, he would die from Adamantium poisoning.

Secondly, how in the world would Bullseye beat Deadpool? Please tell me that I've gotten this information wrong. I would even accept a formal apology stating that you were drunk at the time of putting out this comic. I mean come on...are you freakin' insane?! You do actually read comics, right? Who did you write for before Marvel....Archie Comics?!

Sincerely and with much disdain and a little love, the love of which is directed at Stan Lee,


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