Afro Samurai review.

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Afro Samurai review.

Post by Dheev on Sun 08 Feb 2009, 4:02 am

I'm sure for the most of us that have seen Afro Samurai we liked it. I mean It's got Sam Jackson as a samurai with an afro that has a lust for revenge for his fathers death and plans on killing any and everyone who gets in his way. The game fallows the story of the show really well and the art is pretty damn good. There were points in the game that I was playing and the shit looked like I was watching the real show. The music was also really good as well. It has alot of the music from the show. So I would find myself cutting bitches up as I bobbed my head to some funky fresh beats. But then comes all the bad shit. After about the 4th level it starts to get really fucking repetitive. Just xxxyyy yyxxyy same shit over and over till your eyes bleed out. Also on the 4th level there's parts when you have to cut ropes to move things -_-. They are prolly the #1 thing that took the longest time in the game spending like 10 mins trying to get him to be at the PERFECT angle to cut them or else it will make a *tink* sound and you will still be standing there with your thumb up your ass. As Ninja Ninja yell at you to "stop being a fawk up and cut the rope". moving right along the next pain in the ass is a group called the flaming 5 that guard the bridge as you try to go fight "the brothers 7". There are 5 of them and they love to piss you off. As you try to hit them and they will block everything you swing at them then you try to focus strike them and hit one and you will either get hit b4 you swing or get blocked by another and it will stop the whole swing. After getting past that you will then continue with mind numbing slashing. Until you make it to the end which is lame as shit. So all in all if you can rent games then you should try it but if you want to buy a game don't make it Afro Samurai!

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