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World Description

Post by J1NX on Thu 28 Feb 2008, 11:25 pm


Half of a small continent once united with its sister half known as Deluge.
The two halves formed what was once called Airrevant.
Picture this...Caedinn is where the Lucents ("good" races) live. It is the largest of the two halves, which actually lie side by side with a large gulf dividing the two.

Caedinn and Deluge are connected to the north with the Darkspire Mts acting as a divisional wall. The only way to travel between them by land is to travel through the Correnn Caverens that lie below the mountains. As far as main race placement, most of the humans dwell in the N-NE ( a main city called Cornesia numbers among the places). The Gnomes live in the center (Valley of Kirno...Gnoblia). The Oaken Elves in the W-NW (Oakenglen), and the Avians to the S-SW-SE (Black Feather Forest..Golden Leaf..etc). The main landmark in Caedinn is the Brei River, which completely divides it.


Picture a land completely shadowed in darkness..almost constantly raining. This is where the Darkens ("evil" races) live.

I'll add more later..if need be

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Cerulean is the lost oceanic continent of Caedinn. Once a prosporous city state, great floods and typhoons ravaged the continent until only a small island remained. Now, after all the terrors of the deep were unleashed upon them, the island of Cerulean has become a hub for all types of sea trade and and boatswain. The one thing that draws more than any other is the natives of the land. Cerulean's ancient people found life hard on the sea and so took to find mates in the sea to give them an advantage. Every native to the land is in fact a halfbreed mermaid. The one thing that proves fatal for some who drift toward Cerulean is the bands of pirates that dwell in her waters and on her land. Most of which are bloodthirsty, ruthless killers with a mind for mischief.


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