Excerpt from the story

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Excerpt from the story

Post by J1NX on Thu 28 Feb 2008, 11:25 pm

Over seven hundred years prior to this account the forces of the enemy from Deluge undertook a massive, destructive campaign beginning with their crossing through the Corenn Caverens and followed by their fiery walk through the lands of Caedinn. The series of events leading to what is now referred to as the Pyre Wars were set in motion by the infamous alliancing of the evil races from these lowlands under the leadership of the ogre, Argrog. Though the crippling of his armies by the Cornesian Guard led by the human knight, Veiar Dunbar, did, indeed, bring the wars to an end, rumor has it in recent years another evil alliance forms under yet another would-be ogre warlord, who has risen to power with the same tenacity and combat knowledge of his predecessor, and of a shadow power growing seemingly from death itself.
As these rumors appear to grow, a blackness fills the skies of Caedinn; a blackness seemingly magical in nature. The weather appears to heed the darkness as the air becomes frigid with sharp winds cutting the flesh of any who attempt to travel beyond shelter.
Towns and villages began closing their gates and increasing their watch in anticipation of a horrid answer to all that has transpired. Only a dark traveler with a mysterious past walks Caedinn alone...
Legend states that seven misty shards exist scattered about Caedinn; products of the Ancients, ones who dwelled in Caedinn long before. The purpose of these shards remains elusive to those who actually believe and seek after such supposed myths. Even the keeper of the Dreamwalker's Tome, an archival book of historic legend, fails in understanding the Ancients' intentions for the shards...though..an evil power remembers.....


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