It approaches...

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It approaches...

Post by Alcatraz on Tue 22 Sep 2009, 12:06 pm

Alright dudes (and dudettes(sp?)), the time has come. On Oct. 6 I -finally- hit 18 and get all the sweet gamer group privileges that come with that shit.

I have been waiting what... like a little over 4 years to hear some fucked up crazy ass stories that you all refused to share because I was "Not yet 18". Well fawk that shit now, get your notepads working and make sure you have this shit ready.

As with that, I need to ask when is a good weekend for me to come up so that some of you guys will have some time to chill? I can request off the 9th-11th (Friday-Sunday) or 16th-18th (also Friday-Sunday). I could request off at a different time but id rather not wait a month to hang. Obviously you dont need to have off all three days but a day off to hang out and maybe get drunk/exchange stories/play magic/other random thing would be great.

Let me know ASAP please so that I can request off.
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